Hood River Rotary
Service above self

About Hood River Rotary


Rotary is an international network of community service clubs. We're Hood River Rotary - we've been serving Oregon communities for 90 years, since March 1927.

We're proud to live and serve in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.

 DESERVING GORGE STUDENTS are supported by annual Rotary scholarships each year.

DESERVING GORGE STUDENTS are supported by annual Rotary scholarships each year.


It's that time again - our annual Rotary scholarships support continuing advanced education for local youth. We awarded $38,000 this June to help high school seniors pursue their dreams.

Every year, we donate between $30,000-40,000 in scholarships to help high school graduates from the Gorge.

 Photo by Richard Hallman

Photo by Richard Hallman

Come visit us!

Join us at Rotary - Thursdays at noon in Hood River. Enjoy our small business community.

While you're here, there's so much to do. Tour the Fruit Loop and visit local orchards and farms. Get out on the water on the wild and scenic Columbia River. 

Enjoy evergreen forests, waterfalls and mountain biking and hiking trails.

 Photo by Rotarian Barb Ayers

Photo by Rotarian Barb Ayers

Check out the live music scene and taste local micro brews or locally grown wines.

Give back to Rotary - in our community, or yours.


golf course shot_vertical.jpg

JOIN US  Sunday Sept. 9      for the Don Benton Memorial Rotary Golf Tournament

Our work is fun! Annual events like Rotary Golf Tournament (September,) Rose Sale (April) and Ski Night (January) raise money to make our community - and our world - a better place.

Hood River Rotary proceeds benefit charitable causes here, and in communities all around the world.

Rotary International is dedicated to eradicating polio and has a long track record of delivering polio immunizations to third world counties.

Join our local-to-global community service projects. Join our club. Donate. Volunteer. 

Get involved!

Hit the slopes with us!  Every January we partner with Mount Hood Meadows Ski Resort to offer a $20 lift ticket to get more families and friends up on our amazing mountain for the MLK holiday.

Our Ski Night chairperson Mike Shock reported that our fun event and partnership has $312,000 raised in the last two decades - about $12,000 per year on average - for community causes.

Peace Pole installation May 2017315850872710115_o.jpg


Peace Poles are hard to miss, standing 7 feet tall, inscribed with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

We planted two Hood River Peace Poles this year - one shown here at Jackson Park. This pole is inscribed in eight languages, representing the countries of our exchange students through the years -  English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, French, Indian, Danish, and Swiss.

Rotary Peacebuilder Clubs throughout Northwest Oregon dedicated Peace Poles on April 21. Hood River Rotary added a second Peace Pole to the Hood River waterfront this summer.

Peace Poles initially started in the country of Japan, and have spread worldwide with  dedicators including Mother Theresa, the Dalai Lama, Pope John Paul II, Coretta Scott King, and the Presidents of many countries.